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Past  Events

See what we have done, and where we have been 

St Thomas Lodge Fundraiser for 

Sat 8th June 2024

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Great news! Our team had an amazing time at the Chaz fundraiser this year. Our talented members provided non-stop entertainment with balloon modelling and magic tricks for all ages. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful event that raised funds for a well-deserving charity.

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On Sunday 21st of January 2024, we had the pleasure of hosting Rodd Hogg in Glasgow for a one-day masterclass event focussing on pickpocketing & magic. This was a closed event for Magic Circle Scotland members only.

Rodd is a one-of-a-kind performer. Armed with as little as a deck of cards, he can entertain a small group or a packed theatre. He earns his laughs and his living on stage with card-sharking, street-swindling, and pickpocketing.

Rodd’s TV Show, ‘The Irish Magician’ which aired on SkyTV in 2016, paved the way for him to take his magic all over the world. Rodd has performed in over two dozen countries, both for notable businesses such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google, plus celebrities like Carl Frampton, Jude Bellingham, and Lady Gaga. He is also a favourite amongst premier league footballers, and the corporate elite, who frequently fly him out to places such as Monaco and Barcelona to entertain on their yachts.
Rodd is Northern Ireland’s only professional pickpocket. A unique and mind blowing skill that has to be seen in the flesh to be believed. 

Rodd’s book ‘Stealing a Living’ has been a surefire hit at his lectures. After his lecture at The ‘famous’ Magic Circle in London, he was instantly promoted to Associate of the Inner Magic Circle.

Magic Circle Scotland Members at the Strathaven Balloon festival
Hot Air Balloons

Saturday 26th August & Sunday 27th August 2023 we manned our now annual stall at the Straven Balloon Festival, sharing a bit of Magic and doing balloon animals. 

Bill Malone - Professional Development Course in Magic

10th & 11th June 2023

Magic Circle Sco_June 2023_#43.jpg

Bill Malone's first visit to Scotland and WOW! What a visit!! 

We brought this magic icon to Scotland to teach us how to become better performers and magicians. we thought this was going to be great! we didn't expect it to be SPECTACULAR!! 

Not only did we have Bill Malone, we also had Andrew Galloway (A student of John Ramsey), Gordon Bruce and Eddie McColl. These 4 iconic magicians have never been in the same room before and we had them for an entire weekend, teaching, helping, advising, and sharing stories from the past. 

We had attendees from all over the world to see this quartet of magical greatness, located in a five-star hotel in the centre of Glasgow, the Radisson Blu. 

we all met as strangers.. we parted as lifelong friends! 

Gordon Bruce and Andrew Galoway.jpg

"Last weekend I attended The Magic Circle of Scotland’s debut Conference/Workshop with none other than Bill Malone.

Now, about twenty-five years ago I attended a convention where David Williamson, Rocco Silano, Eugene Burger and Wayne Dobson were performing and lecturing. I never, in my lifetime thought I would see/attend another event as good as that one was. I was wrong.

Bill Malone was the perfect gentleman to all attendees, making time for every single one of us.

His lectures and talks were not so much about moves and tricks, although he did touch on them slightly. They were about everything else to do with magic and conjuring as an art. And when I say everything, I mean everything. No stone left unturned. I don’t want to say too much here, what I will say is, you had to be there.

The guys that did attend were all keen to get on with one another and the breakout sessions at night were some of the best I’ve seen. All there to help and encourage their brother magicians.

The venue was superb. With refreshments all day long and dinner too. The food was really good and plentiful with several dishes to choose from.

The Magic Circle of Scotland should be commended. I for one can’t wait to see what they follow up with after this, their debut conference.

Oh! and did I mention that also in attendance was the one and only Gordon Bruce, Eddie McColl and magic royalty the one and only Andrew Galloway?

The Magic Circle of Scotland…….I salute you.

See you next year."

 Malcolm Hickson

"What can I say! The Bill Malone workshop at the weekend was just amazing. The best magic event I’ve ever attended, period.

Bill performing Sam the Bellhop was quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t think anyone has ever seen it performed the way he performed it on Sunday evening. Incredible.

An absolute massive well done to The Magic Circle Scotland for putting it all on."

Rodd Hogg

"Brilliant just imagine how good magic would be if we all helped each other. Pleasure spending time with these legends of magic."

Colin Green

" I think they not only made me a better magician, but even a better human being!!!"

Michał Skubida

"The Bill-ma-lone event inspired me to be a better magician and was an amazing event! It's the highlight of my year to see Bill and have a chat with like-minded people, your legends!"

James Clark

"Last weekend I was in Bill Malone’s workshop. I performed my cups and balls routine for him and he advised me some tips! It was an awesome experience that I can do magic for my hero Mr Bill Malone!  Thank you all for holding such a great workshop. and you are all so warm and friendly. hope to see you again ."

Yu Yen Huang

"simply, the BEST magic convention I have ever been to!"

Gordon Bruce


27th - 28th August, 2022

The Strathaven Balloon Festival began in 1999 when a group of people from Strathaven thought it would be good to generate an exciting public event within the town, to help the local economy. A hot air balloon festival was suggested and, as one of us happened to know Don Cameron of Cameron Balloons, the largest

manufacturer of hot air balloons this seemed the ideal choice. Don Cameron was extremely helpful from the start and went out of his way to encourage and help us. With a lot of meetings and a great deal of work, we managed to get the Strathaven Balloon Festival off the ground.


The Strathaven Balloon Festival Committee is a non-profit voluntary organisation that works hard to raise money to cover the costs of the annual festival.

The festival now attracts pilots and visitors from all over Europe with over 30,000 spectators attending over the weekend.

It is the only balloon festival in Scotland and classed as one of the top 3 balloon festivals in the UK amongst balloon pilots.

Come along to next year's events and let us entertain you with Magic and balloon modelling for the young ones. This is sure to be an event to remember and it happens every year. 


18th June 2022

A joint fundraiser for CHAS (Children Hospices Across Scotland). We were proud to be a part of this and helping to raise funds to give to such a great cause. Helping families when they really need a little suport.  

We entertained the crouds here with a bit of balloon modeling, close-up magic and a kids magic show.  Everyone had a great day. 

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